IVO MACEK(1914-2002): Violin Sonata, For Piano: Sonata, Sonatina, Theme and Variations, Improvisation, Intermezzo, Prelude and Toccata.

Catalogue Number: 12Q049

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP681

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Maček was a part-time composer, though a very accomplished one; most of his very small published output is from the early or late years of his career, which was mainly as pianist, teacher and academic. On the basis of his piano music, collected in its entirety here, he appears to have had nothing to do with any modernist trends of the twentieth century; the pieces span the early 1930s to the late 80s, and all are entirely tonal and conservatively romantic in approach. This is not to say that the works are in any way unoriginal, and all are highly pianistic. The 1977 Sonatina is very reminiscent of Debussy, while the exhilarating 1987 Toccata has more than a little of Prokofiev about it. The rich chromatic harmony of the theme and its eight inventive variations has something in common with Grieg or Rachmaninov, a kind of lush romanticism that also pervades the poetic Intermezzo and the rhapsodic Improvisation. The sonata, in two succinct and contrasting movements is by no means lacking in ambition and drama despite its modest proportions; again, Rachmaninov comes to mind in the full-blooded melodic and harmonic thinking. The violin sonata, a late work like the one for piano, has more in common with the slightly earlier sonatina, with a fluid melodiousness and buoyant, luminous harmonies that again recall Debussy. Goran Filipec (piano), Silvia Mazzon (violin).


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