EMIL HARTMANN (1836-1898): Piano Sonatas in F, in F, Op. 17, in D and in G Minor (unfinished), From the Highlands, Op. 11, Arabesque, Op. 16/1, Caprice, Op. 16/2, Jean de France (Sarabande), Scherzetto, Albumsblad, Capricii Nos. 1 and 2, 11 Ball Scenes, Op. 23, 3 Mazurkas, Op. 28, 4 Klavierstücke, Op. 31.

Catalogue Number: 12Q036

Label: Danacord

Reference: DACOCD 744-745

Format: CD

Price: $39.98

Description: Here are 148 minutes of Romantic piano music which will automatically appeal to collectors even if only two of the sonatas are concert-hall works (one was written when Hartmann was a child and is based on Mozart and the other was written for children to play). The Highlands suite nods to Grieg and Scandinavian folk music while the 11 "Ball Scenes" are modeled on Schumann and the Klavierstücke typically late Romantic. Almost none have dates; Hartmann was notoriously unconcerned about such things. 2 CDs. Cathrine Penderup (piano).


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