PADRE DAVIDE DA BERGAMO (1791-1863): Organ Music - 6 Sinfonie, 6 Suonate, 6 Sonatinas, 5 Elevazioni, Pastorale, 6 Versetti, La vera piva montanara.

Catalogue Number: 12Q029

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 94964

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: During the 45 years he spent in the monastery of Santa Maria di Campagna in Piacenza, Davide wrote over 2000 pieces for organ, making use of the innovations and developments in organ design of the early 19th century which included an astonishing new palette of stops. His 12 Sinfonie and Suonate, one of the few works of his actually published (in 1845-6), is basically a dozen Donizetti- or Rossini-esque opera overtures with all the bells and whistles (literally in some cases) while the second disc, predominanly of sacred pieces, makes use of the same new orchestral timbres. Yes, another guilty pleasure for period organ collectors. Marco Ruggeri (organs of Villa di Serio [Bergamo] and Almenno San Salvatore [Bergamo] parish churches).


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