FRITZ BRUN (1878-1959): Volume 5 - Piano Concerto in A, Variations on an Original Theme for Piano and String Orchestra, Divertimento for Piano and Strings

Catalogue Number: 12Q002

Label: Guild

Reference: GMCD 7409

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: The 1946 concerto is a large-scale work in the late Romantic territory between Brahms and Reger of 38 minutes in this its world premiere recording and first performance since before Brun's death. Much work went into preparing a performing edition and several pianists were tried before one was found willing to put in the time to learn a difficult work. Like the other two pieces here, this was a product of the composer's retirement and its unhurried, thoughtful and, dare I say "autumnal" qualities are largely shared by the 1944 Variations (a 21-minute work whose orchestral parts had to be reconstructed from a two-piano version) and the 13-minute Divertimento of 1956. Both the latter use the piano as an equal participant with the orchestra in a kind of neo-baroque way. Tom├ís Nemec (piano), Bratislava Symphony Orchestra; Adriano.


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