DANIEL GOTTLOB TÜRK (1750-1813): Keyboard Sonatas Nos. 1-5, HedT.104.8.1-5., Sinfonia No. 6 in C, HedT.104.8.6.

Catalogue Number: 12P027

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP657

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Unlike the previous issues in this series which contained sonatas for amateurs, this set of 1789 was intended for "connoisseurs", allowing Türk to pull out all expressive and technical stops. You'll find elements of Sturm und Drang, both Haydn- and C.P.E. Bach-ish in style while the Sinfonia's title makes Türk's orchestral conception obvious even before you hear it. The instruments used here are from the Metropolitan Museum's collection. Michael Tsalka (Kintzing clavichord 1763, Graf fortepiano c. 1838, Hofmann fortepiano c. 1790, Schmidt fortepiano c. 1790-95).


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