STEPHEN HOUGH (b.1961): Was mit den Tränen geschieht for Piccolo, Contrabassoon and Piano (Michael Hasel [piccolo], Marion Reinhard [bassoon]), Un Piccolo Sonatina for Piccolo (Hasel), Bridgewater for Bassoon and Piano (Reinhard), 5 Herbstlieder for Baritone and Piano (Jacques Imbrailo [baritone]), Sonata for Piano (Broken Branches), The Loneliest Wilderness for Cello and Orchestra (Steven Isserlis [cello], Tapiola Sinfonietta; Gábor Takács-Nagy).

Catalogue Number: 12N089

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1952

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: These compositions by the famous pianist date from 2005-2010. All are quite tonal but can vary from the almost neo-romantic Wilderness, a darkly hued, often quiet and lyrical piece to the quasi-expressionism of the German Rilke settings which seem to fit right into the German Lied tradition from Pfitzner to Reimann. The 17-minute piano sonata is constructed in 16 sections of related material with a prelude Autumn and postlude Spring. The other bigger-sized work is delightful; Hough tells us that Was mit den Tränen was not meant to be a "jokey" piece with its combination of piccolo and contrabassoon, but it's very entertaining and ingeniously crafted. Stephen Hough (piano).


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