PETER RUZICKA (b.1948): Vorecho, Nachklang, Memorial per G.S., Nachtstück (-aufgegebenes Werk).

Catalogue Number: 12N079

Label: Neos

Reference: 11045

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: These works date from the decade around the composition of Ruzicka's operas Celan and Hölderlin, and they share with the many other works in the composer's output related to his near-obsession with the works of these to poets the kind of dark-hued intensity that was central to his striking Celan Symphony [Offered Sept. 2006]. Ruzicka's æsthetic unmistakably originates in Mahler; some gestures are almost quotations; elsewhere Mahlerian fragments are woven into a more contemporary and dissonant contrapuntal texture. The brooding Vorecho is a 'symphonic study' in eight scenes, for Hölderlin, and the more dramatically dynamic 'Nachklang' offers an orchestral retrospective on Celan. Memorial refers to Sinopoli, whose premature death in 2001 shocked his friend and colleague; the reverberations of the harrowing news are given acoustic expression in the sonorous aura resonating around repeated chordal 'pillars' that anchor the work. From a formless, chaotic opening, Nachtstück emerges as a very Mahlerian nocturne, more fragmented and uncertain in form than would have made sense a century earlier, with an obsessive pulse that recalls Pettersson. It conjures the same mood and sense of yearning, tragedy and uncertain hope of redemption that links the two earlier composers. North German Radio Symphony Orchestra; Peter Ruzicka.


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