GIOVANNI BENEDETTI PLATTI (1697-1763): Cello Concerti in C and in C Minor, LEONARDO LEO (1694-1744): Cello Concerto in D Minor, NICOLA PORPORA (1686-1768): Cello Concerto in A Minor, GIUSEPPE JACCHINI (1667-1727): Cello Concerto in F, Op. 4/9, ANTONIO VIVALDI (1678-1741): Concerto for 2 Cellos and Strings in G Minor, RV 531, Sonatas for Cello and Continuo in B Flat, RV 45-47, in A Minor, RV 43 in E Minor, RV 40 and in F, RV 41, LUIGI BOCCHERINI (1743-1805): Sonatas for Cello and Continuo No. 1 in A, G. 13, No. 2 in C, G. 6, No. 3 in G, G. 5 & No. 4 in E FLat, G. 10.

Catalogue Number: 12N027

Label: Challenge Classics

Reference: CC72516

Format: CD

Price: $28.98

Description: We offer this recompilation since only two of the six concertos hereon are currently in print. 3 CDs. Lucia Swarts (cello), Teatro Lirico; Stephen Stubbs. Original 1997, 1998 and 1999 releases.


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