LUC BREWAEYS (b.1959): Painted Pyramids for Piano, 5 Players and Electronics, Si sentive un po' stanco for Solo Trumpet, Black Rock Unfolding for Cello and Live Electronics, Les méandres de la Mémoire for Recorders and Piano, Oban for 9 Players, Il fiume del tempo passava...for Solo Accordion.

Catalogue Number: 12M081

Label: Etcetera

Reference: KTC 1408

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Brewaeys' recent music incorporates two elements that are infrequently encountered together; instrumental virtuosity and spectralism. Spectral music typically takes its time to unfold, allowing minute examination of acoustic phenomena, but in Brewaeys's case the detailed and complex relationships between musical sounds are used as part of an expanded timbral palette within which a great deal of activity is possible, even to the point of new-complexicist note-swarms like the piano part in Painted Pyramids. The electronic parts in this work and Black Rock are mostly static, the most obviously spectrally derived sounds, creating a fluid backdrop to the instrumental activity. Instrumental timbres are minutely judged as well; Oban - one of the composer's series of works based on the complex and unfolding character of single malt whiskies - maintains predominantly low pitches and dark timbres, a kind of synæsthetic response to the character of the drink. I n this work, the strange sounds of water gongs expand the range of instrumental colours; elsewhere, unusual playing techniques - especially relevant in the solo accordion work (a technical tour de force, exhilarating in its accumulating mobility) where microtonal harmonies are precluded, the harmony unusually static as a result - are widely employed. Champ D'Action.


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