BALDASSARE GALUPPI (1706-1785): Messa per San Marco, Te Deum in C, Motet Adeste fideles, GAETANO LATILLA (1711-1788): Sinfonia in G, FERDINANDO BERTONI (1725-1813): Kyrie in F.

Catalogue Number: 12M031

Label: Berlin Classics

Reference: 0300063BC

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This recreates a Christmas mass in Venice from 1767, using the mass sent from Russia by Galuppi, a Kyrie by the first organist of San Marco; tradition gave this honor to him while the maestro di capella - i.e. Galuppi - set the Gloria and Credo. The Sanctus was replaced by a motet (here also by Galuppi) and the Agnus Dei was replaced by an instrumental piece, here a three-movement sinfonia by vice-maestro Latilla. As in the 1767 celebration, a Te Deum by Galuppi closes the proceedings. Everything's here but the actual liturgical sections of the mass (which would be about another three hours...). Gemma Bertagnoli, Valentina Varriale (sopranos), Mary-Ellen Nesi (contralto), Julien Behr (tenor), Clemens Heidrich (bass), Vocal Concert Dresden, Dresden Instrumental Concert; Peter Kopp.


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