GABRIEL PROKOFIEV (b.1974): String Quartet No. 2 with remixes by Hot Chip, Vex'd, The Earlyman, Conboy, Starkey, Marcus Lancaster & Eric Shinn.

Catalogue Number: 12L104

Label: Nonclassical

Reference: NONCLSSCD003

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: If you enjoyed, or were intrigued by, the intersection of string quartet and hip hop studio techniques from Sergei Prokofiev's UK-based DJ grandson that we offered in October, this second quartet offers a similar exercise. First we have the quartet itself, four conventionally laid out movements in a largely tonal vocabulary, plus or minus some bowing effects, sliding around and harmonics for added color. The first two movements have a jittery minimalistic quality, already suggesting the sampling to which they were destined to be subjected. The third is a melodic slow movement, and the last a frenetic dance. Then the original quartet recording (with no additional material) is remixed according to the customs of the house/dance movement, by Mr. Prokofiev and seven of his peers. Extracting a repeated motif and turning it into a percussive bass line is a staple of this kind of studio manipulation, and most of the remixes do something of the sort; in other respects they range between trance/ambient atmosphere and more vigorous and energetic, rhythmically persistent pieces, often going so far as to disguise almost completely their origins as acoustic string music. Eric Shinn's Tesseractivation is the most abstract and amorphous track, its overlapping layers of sound the closest to avant-garde electronic soundscapes of the transformed material here. The Elysian Quartet.


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