MICHAEL FINNISSY (b.1946): Greatest Hits of All Time, Ceci n'est pas une forme for Ensemble (Ensemble Exposé; Roger Redgate), CHRISTOPHER FOX (b.1955): Oboe Quintet, JAMES CLARKE (b.1957): Oboe Quintet, ROGER REDGATE (b.1958): Oboe Quintet, Éperons for Percussion (Julian Warburton), HOWARD SKEMPTON (b.1947): Garland for Oboe and String Trio (Roger Redgate [violin], Bridget Carey [viola], Robin Michael [cello]).

Catalogue Number: 12L100

Label: Metier

Reference: msv28513

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Redgate's pieces both explore the limits of oboe technique, with ample use of extended playing techniques, placing the soloist in a complex instrumental context in relation to the added timbral dimension of the ensemble. Finnissy's Greatest Hits consists of four layers, played somewhat independently of one another though precisely notated within themselves; the oboe line is derived from traditional Korean music, the piano part from Beethoven; the whole is a complex evolving web of textures. Ceci n'est pas consists of an intricate melodic line, including quarter tones, intermittently surrounded by accretions of piano or string accompaniment. The Fox and Skempton are from the other end of the spectrum of contemporary music; both are basically tonal, the Fox in sections which suggest the formal subdivisions and thematic relationships of classical style, with repeating gestures derived from minimalism; Skempton's piece a charming sepia album-leaf. The Clarke returns to microtonal intervals and multiphonics, in a densely-textured work which employs the ensemble as a kind of complex composite instrument. Christopher Redgate (oboe), Kreutzer Quartet.


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