MIGUEL DEL AGUILA (b.1957): Charango Capriccioso, Op. 90, Clocks, Op. 58, Life is a Dream, Op. 76, Salón Buenos Aires, Op. 84, Presto II.

Catalogue Number: 12L096

Label: Bridge

Reference: 9302

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Born in Uruguay, del Aguila has spent much of his adult life in the U.S. and most of the pieces here were premiered by the Cuartet Latinoamericano. Scored for string quartet or string quintet with piano four-hands in Charango, with piano, flute and clarinet in Salón Buenos Aires (using string trio) and for piano quintet (Clocks), these are richly diverse and cosmopolitan pieces stylistically with a tension between formal balance and a romantic expressiveness - especially in the pieces like Salón which are closest to his Uruguayan (and, across the River Plate, Argentinian) boyhood memories. Simple and recognizable ideas are pushed to extremes by propulsive rhythms and, in Clocks, joined by unusual sound effects, extreme high notes, odd harmonics and pizzicatos and curious mechanical sounds. An atmosphere of sheer fun often prevails, with darker undertones in the Tango to Dream central movement of the Salón. Camerata San Antonio.


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