BORIS TISHCHENKO (b.1939): Sonata No. 2 for Solo Cello, Op. 76, Sonata No. 7 for Piano and Bells, Op. 85.

Catalogue Number: 12L091

Label: Northern Flowers

Reference: NF/PMA 9968

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: The cello sonata is a somber work; the central slow movement is an increasingly passionate monologue, strained and tense. Even here, in the most melodically continuous movement of the three, brusque interruptions to the sustained flow of ideas contribute to an air of unease an indecision. The outer movements make even more of this interrupted rhythmic figuration. The piano sonata adds bells to the piano's sonic palette, which is also employed to simulate bell sounds in great crashing clusters, punctuating what is otherwise a taut, tonal sonata typical of Tischenko's generation of Soviet composers (Sviridov, Slonimsky and countless others). Sergei Roldugin (cello), Boris Tishchenko (piano), Alexander Mikhailov (bells).


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