Polish Piano Preludes - WOJCIECH KILAR (b.1932): 3 Preludes, KAZIMIERZ SEROCKI (1922-1981): Suite of Preludes, ZYGMUNT MYCIELSKI (1907-1987): 6 Preludes, HENRYK MIKOLAI GÓRECKI (b.1933): 4 Preludes, Op. 1, MILOSZ MAGIN (1929-1999): 5 Preludes, KYZYSZTOF KNITTEL (b.1947): 4 Preludes, PAWEL MYKIETYN (b.1971): 4 Preludes.

Catalogue Number: 12L074

Label: Dux

Reference: 0699

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The heterogeneity of form allowed by the "Prelude" provides for a greater variety of styles here than in the American toccatas above. This recital falls into two chronological groups, Knittel's and Mykeityn's groups from 1983 and 1992 showing more "modern" reactions to the venerable genre (Mykeityn providing the only really "avant-garde" sounding music on the disc), while the five other composers wrote their cycles between 1951 (Kilar) and 1963 (Magin). These range from nods to the Chopin and Szymanowski tradition and experimenation in neo-Romantic and neo-Classical styles to Górecki's group which is actually in the form of a four-movement sonata but contains early intimations of the convention-defying music of his early maturity. Magdalena Prejsnar (piano).


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