Touch: The Toccata Project. Volume 1: American Composers - NED ROREM (b.1923): Toccata, GEORGE ANTHEIL (1900-1959): Toccatas Nos. 1 & 2, LEE HOIBY (b.1926): Toccata, Op. 1, IRVING FINE (1914-1962): Little Toccata, LEO SOWERBY (1895-1968): Toccata, LOWELL LIEBERMANN (b.1961): Toccata, BENJAMIN LEES (b.1924): Toccata, ROY HARRIS (1898-1979): Toccata, MARK LOUIS LEHMAN (b.1947): Toccatina, GIAN CARLO MENOTTI (1911-2007): Ricercare and Toccata on a Theme from "The Old Man and the Thief", EMMA LOU DIENER (b.1927): Serenade/Toccata, RAYMOND LEWENTHAL (1923-1988): Toccata alla Scarlatti, WALLINGFORD RIEGGER (1885-1961): Toccata, VINCENT PERSICHETTI (1915-1987): 3 Toccatinas, JAMES BASTIEN (1934-2006): Toccata.

Catalogue Number: 12L073

Label: Albany

Reference: TROY 1142

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Seventeen examples of this high-energy, rapid-fire form of composition from a catalogue of famous and not-so-famous American composers (and composer-pianists) in the first volume of a series in the form of a geographical tour which this pianist intends to record (and we wish him well and many volumes!). Philip Amalong (piano).


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