JOHANN B. SCHIEDERMAYR (1779-1840): Preludes in D and in A, JOHANN ANTON KOBRICH (1714-1791): Pastorellas in A, D & G, JOHANN ERNST EBERLIN (1702-1762): Für den Jenner: Aria, Für den Wintermonat: Menueto, Für den Christmonat: Wiegenlied, FRANZ XAVER SCHIZER (1740-1785): Sonata in G, THEODOR GRÜNBERGER (1756-1820): Pastoral-Organstücke in B Flat, E Flat & C, CARL FRANZ PITSCH (1786-1858): Pastoral-Preludes in F and in G, JOHANN CASPAR AIBLINGER (1779-1867): Pastorale in G, ROBERT FÜHRER (1807-1861): Weihnachtsgabe, ANON.: 2 Sonatas in C, Pastorella in F.

Catalogue Number: 12L040

Label: Audite

Reference: 92.573

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Christmas music from 18th and 19th century Catholic composers in south Germany, Austria, Bohemia and Croatia. Johannes Strobl (organ of the Abbey Church of Muir, Switzerland). SACD hybrid.


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