DOMENICO CIMAROSA (1749-1801): I tre amanti.

Catalogue Number: 12L034

Label: Nuova Era

Reference: 232888

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This is a relatively early work of Cimarosa's produced in 1777 and only the 7th of his 60-odd operas. The typical plot satirizes contemporary social vices and failings in its tale of three suitors competing for the hand of the heroine. Here is a light, frothy entertainment whose two acts each open with a witty and vivacious quartet and end with all five characters in sparkling ensemble. The orchestral material is accompanimental only but still contains much delicate scoring and intuitive use of color to accent the texts. 2 CDs. Italian libretto. Basia Retchitzka (soprano), Laerte Malaguti (baritone), Carlo Gaifa (tenor), Rodolfo Malacarne (tenor). Orchestra of Italian-Swiss Radio; Edwin Loehrer.


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