GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL (1685-1759): Handel in the Playhouse - Some confounded Planet reigning, HWV 29, Smile, smile, my Chloe, smile, HWV 22, The little wanton God, HWV 228/14, In vain, in vain, I rove, HWV 47, How cruel are the traitors, HWV 228/19, Was ever a Man possest, HWV 15, Beauty's but a fading Flower, HWV 228/6, Why you little blind Contriver, HWV 228/22, Away with Suspicion, HWV 542, Brave Boys prepare, HWV 20, Hence with tedious dull repining, HWV 228/4, Abroad after Misses, HWV 348, Women in vain Love's powerful Torrent, HWV 14, Don not ask me if I love you, HWV 27, Grant Mars, grant us thy Fires, HWV 28.

Catalogue Number: 12L024

Label: Opella Nova

Reference: ONCD014

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: It is little known that melodies composed by Handel were appropriated and adapted extensively for use in ballad opera, in which comic plays and pre-existing favorite "Airs" to the latter of which new words would be fitted. Many of those recorded here have not been heard before in their "new clothes" as songs in such stage works as The Lottery, The Fashionable Lady, Silvia or The Country Burial, The Devil to Pay, Pamela or Virture Rewarded, The False Guardians Outwitted, Damon and Phillida, The Mad Captain, Polly and The Devil of a Duke. Texts included. Mary Bevan (soprano), Greg Tassell (tenor), L'Avventura London; Zak Ozmo.


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