GEORGE TSONTAKIS (b.1951): Violin Concerto No. 1, October, Mirologhia for Soprano, Percussion and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 12K105

Label: Koch International Classics

Reference: KIC-CD-7680

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Mirologhia is a boldly programmatic work based on the idea of mourning for sudden bereavement, with the attendant shock, anger, invocation of religious beliefs and consolation that such an event may entail. Characteristically colorfully scored for a large orchestra -without percussion, amply compensated by the active and varied soloist - the music is solidly grounded in tonality, with the incorporation of references to Byzantine chant and hymns. October is a vivid tone-poem, contrasting the muted and vibrant colors and moods of autumn with their contradictory implication of ending and decay with life-affirming brightness and promise for the following year. The concerto sets up a conflict between a gently persuasive solo part and the orchestra in the role of an antagonistic, sometimes vulgar society', gradually won over by the soloist's eloquent arguments and provides ample opportunity for bold orchestral gestures and a lively interplay of argument between soloist and ensemble. Cho-Liang Lin (violin), Colin Currie (percussion), Eleni Calenos (soprano), Albany Symphony Orchestra; David Alan Miller.


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