AHMED ADNAN SAYGUN (1907-1991): Violin Sonata, Op. 20, Suite, Op. 3, BÉLA BARTÓK (1881-1945): Violin Sonata No. 2, Sz 76, Rhapsody for Violin and Piano No. 1, Sz 86.

Catalogue Number: 12K080

Label: Profil

Reference: PH09001

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: And yet more Saygun, this time important earlier works from his period as a devout follower (and colleague) of Bartók. The 1941 sonata, the longest work on this disc at 23 minutes, is his Turkish equivalent of the Bartók sonata, melding Turkish folk elements into a Western form but the later (1956) suite, whose four movements - "Prelude", "Horon", "Zeybeck" and "Kastamonian Dance" - are a purer form of Turkish folk music, not unlike the Lassú and Friss movements which make up Bartók's Rhapsody. Tim Vogler (violin), Jascha Nemtsov (piano).


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