THÉODORE DUBOIS (1837-1924): Cello Sonata in D, Violin Sonata in A, Cello and Piano: Nocturne, Andante appassionato, Andante cantabile, Cavatine, Violin and Piano: Ballade, Mélodie, Méditation, Scherzetto.

Catalogue Number: 12K052

Label: Atma

Reference: ACD2 2380

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Dubois' only two instrumental sonatas lead the way in this program of conservatively romantic music, all but one piece of which was written in 1899 or later. The sonatas are classically structured, proportioned and harmonically adventurous according to Dubois' conservative lights while the shorter pieces range from the mini tone-poem of the Ballade, which depicts a calm nocturnal wood suddenly broken by a fairy dance, to the others which are mostly in a salon-cum-Fauré style. Anne Robert (violin), Benoît Loiselle (cello), Stéphane Lemelin (piano).


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