ROBERT SCHUMANN (1810-1856): Song Edition, Vol. 10 - Liederkreis, Op. 39 (Kate Royal [soprano]), Schön Hedwig, Op. 106, 2 Balladen für Deklamation, Op. 122 (Christoph Bantzer [reciter]), 3 Gedichte nach Emanuel Geibel, Op. 29, Die Nonne, Op. 49/3, Was soll ich sagen?, Op. 27/3, Frühlingsgrüsse, 3 Duette, Op. 43, Mein Garten, Op. 77/2, Sommerruh, WoO 7, Mädchenlieder, Op. 103, Bei Schenkung eines Flügels, WoO 26/4 (Felicity Lott, Lydia Teuscher [sopranos], Ann Murray, Daniela Lehner [mezzos], Stephan Loges [baritone]).

Catalogue Number: 12J062

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDJ 33110

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The latest volume in this series is divided into three parts (of quite unequal familiarity, though, as is to be expected when Graham Johnson does the programming): 26 minutes of the well-known Liederkreis with new young English star Kate Royal, 15 minutes of declamation and piano (three pieces hardly anyone will know) and 34 minutes of various solo, duet and ensemble items, many of them less-known as well. German-English texts. Graham Johnson (piano).


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