GRAHAM WHETTAM (b.1927): For Solo Piano: Night Music, Prelude, Scherzo and Elegy, Prelude and Scherzo Impetuoso, For Piano Duet: Ballade Hébraïque, Fantasy.

Catalogue Number: 12I074

Label: Divine Art

Reference: 25038

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Whettam's relatively small output for solo and piano duet is characterised by his trademark expressiveness of contour and fundamentally tonal idiom. Textures are generally of the utmost clarity and a lightness and lively vitality of touch is constantly present in faster, more incisively virtuosic movements, like the initially scintillating, then Dies irae-inflected scherzo of the sonata. Sometimes one thinks of Prokofiev, sometimes of Britten, sometimes of his close contemporary, Stevenson; Whettam delights in music of abruptly juxtaposed extremes - of dynamics, tempo and mood, and as in his symphonic writing he presents a clearly individual and convincing voice. Goldstone & Clemmow.


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