ILDEBRANDO PIZZETTI (1880-1968): Debora e Jaele.

Catalogue Number: 12I056

Label: G.O.P.

Reference: 66.354

Format: CD

Price: $30.98

No Longer Available

Description: Composed 1915-21 to Pizzetti's own adaptation of an Old Testament story, this opera would seem to be worthy of rediscovery, based on Opera Grove's description of his "richly imaginative, highly dramatic choral writing. The first act of Dèbora e Jaéle in particular brings the chorus right into the foreground as a complex multiple protagonist. This probably remains the most intense and moving act in any Pizzetti opera...", and "...some of the most evocative music by any Italian composer of the 20th century...". The sound is good for its age (possibly from transcription discs of a broadcast?). 2 CDs. No libretto. Cloe Elmo (mezzo), Chiara Petrella (soprano), Gino Penno (tenor), RAI Milan Chorus and Symphony Orchestra; Gianandrea Gavazzeni (Oct. 26, 1952).


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