JOHANN CASPAR FERDINAND FISCHER (1656-1746): Complete Organ Works - 5 Ricercars, Blumen-Strauss, Ariadne Musica.

Catalogue Number: 12I023

Label: Aeolus

Reference: AI-10321

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The complete surviving organ works of one of the lucky composers on Bach's short-list of his "favorites". Ariadne is a set of 20 preludes and fugues published in 1702 and Fischer ventures into several remote keys usually avoided by contemporaries while the "Floral Bouquet" is a set of eight suites in all the church modes which contain sequences of preludes, fugues and finales. The organ, originally built in 1714, is hand-pumped throughout these recordings (for those of you into that sort of thing). Serge Schoobroodt (K├Ânig organ of the former Premonstratensian Order of Niederehe).


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