AMANDA MAIER (1853-1894): Piano Trio in E Flat, String Quartet in A, Preludes for Piano Nos. 4-7, 12, 16-20 and 22, Klavierstück, St. Nicholas-Schwank (3 pieces for cello and piano and one for piano four-hands).

Catalogue Number: 11U039

Label: db Productions

Reference: dBCD188

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: A third volume finishes this Swedish label’s traversal of all of the future Mrs. Röntgen’s surviving chamber and piano music (and has a list of the considerable amount still missing and waiting to be found). The biggest works are the 1873 piano trio and the 1877 string quartet, both four movement pieces but the quartet’s first and last movements are missing. 13 pages of English-only notes and many photos in the booklet. Cecilia Zilliacus, Julia-Maria Kretz (violins), Johanna Persson (viola), Kati Raitinen (cello), Bengt Forsberg (piano), David Huang (four hands).


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