CARSON COOMAN (b.1982): Liminal (Symphony No. 4), Shoreline Rune for String Orchestra and Harp, Prism for Organ (Erik Simmons [organ]).

Catalogue Number: 11R087

Label: Divine Art

Reference: ddv 24161

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: Cooman uses the symphonic genre not so much for its formal structure as to suggest a substantial piece intended to convey an important philosophical or emotional message, and that is what we have here. The subject here is climate change, with its inexorable forces and potentially disastrous consequences for life on Earth. The piece consists of a series of soundscapes ranging from brooding, dark and harmonically amorphous to starkly granitic to urgent and agitated (and much more tonal); the overall trajectory of the work is not an optimistic one, though there is a sense of an ongoing search for resolution. Two harps tuned a quarter-tone apart set up a constant interchange of tension and release; finally one drops out and slow shadows fall over the landscape, hinting at a kind of permanence, even if not the brightest future for us - a warning that the Earth will go on, though possibly without us, perhaps. Shoreline Rune occupies similar territory; a very slow, somewhat Sibelian nature-scape, while the organ work is a mystical meditation, suggesting contemplation of the timeless mysteries of the cosmos. Slovak National Symphony Orchestra; Kirk Trevor.


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