GEORGES LENTZ (b.1965): Guyuhmgan, Ngangkar, Monh for Viola and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 11O087

Label: Timpani

Reference: 1C1184

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: These works are part of a huge cycle of pieces, collectively titled Mysterium, recalling Scriabin, and with similar grandiose all-encompassing cosmological intent. In this ongoing series, Lentz has been examining aspects of his twin preoccupations with spiritual matters and the vision of the nature of the universe as revealed through modern scientific discovery. These three pieces bear Aboriginal Australian titles (two of them meaning 'stars'), also reflecting the vast empty spaces of the Australian landscape. All three consist of predominantly slow-moving, tectonic masses of sound, and this meditative aspect along with the use of temple gongs and similar suggestions of Eastern mysticism and religion, might suggest a new-age ├Žsthetic, but the music incorporates far too many modern sonorities - several climaxes, notably one half-way through Monh could very well be by Xenakis - to be associated with this, or 'new spirituality' movements. Guyuhmgan and Monh use subtle computer-generated sounds to supplement the orchestra, and microtones and multiphonics are commonplace; however, extended stretches of fluid, chordal, chorale-like material, consonant - or at most in Messiaenic harmonic formations - provide a certain stately stability. Tabea Zimmermann (viola), Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra; Emilio Pomarico.


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