RICK SOWASH (b.1950): Clarinet Concerto, PAUL BEN-HAIM (1897-1984): Pastoral Variée for Clarinet, Harp and String Orchestra, JOHN WILLIAMS (b.1932): Viktor's Tale.

Catalogue Number: 11N084

Label: Marquis Classics

Reference: 81423

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Cincinnati composer Sowash's 2007 concerto is an unashamedly tonal and melodic piece situated squarely in the outdoorsy, wide-open-spaces tradition of Virgil Thompson and Copland's Third and film scores. Touches of folk music and jazz are also present and the piece sometimes also evokes the classic American western film scores of - well, you name the composers. Ben-Haim's 16-minute Pastoral of 1945 uses a folk tune varied with touches of Western European, Hebrew and Arabic musical traditions. The four-minute John Williams piece is adapted from the score to the film "The Terminal". David Drosinos (clarinet), St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra; Vladimir Lande.


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