JAN LADISLAV DUSSEK (1760-1812): Messe Solemnelle.

Catalogue Number: 10W034

Label: Academy of Ancient Music

Reference: AAM011

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Written for the same name-day celebrations of Prince Esterhazy as the late Haydn masses and the Beethoven Mass in C, this work’s recording is the result of ten years of effort by Richard Egarr who says “This Mass by Dussek has to my knowledge not been heard since its composition, except perhaps in a performance or rehearsal involving the Esterházy Court in 1810 or 1811. Its music is typical of Dussek: hugely colourful, dynamic, flexible with an advanced harmonic and modulatory daring, particularly in the extensive fugues. His orchestration and sense of drama is unlike his contemporaries, and by this I mean the generation of Mozart, not Beethoven! It is much more ‘Romantic’ in its intentions and palette. ” Presented in a deluxe edition with 100-page full-color booklet containing a plethora of scholarship and insight into Dussek and the times he lived in and composed for. Stefanie True (soprano), Helen Charlston (mezzo), Gwilym Bowen (tenor), Morgan Pearse (baritone), Academy of Ancient Music; Richard Egarr.


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