JEAN-BAPTISTE LULLY (1632-1687): La Grotte de Versailles, George Dandin.

Catalogue Number: 10W014

Label: Chateau de Versailles

Reference: CVS027

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Dandin, a play by Molière mixed with a sung pastoral to music by Lully, was given at Versailles in 1668. In the same year came La Grotte, in which Louis XIV is glorified, and danced in person the role of a nymph. Tambourines, flutes and musettes are part of the festivities and the trumpets proclaim the glory of Louis. Here we have a scintillating echo of the sumptuous festivities given at Versailles! French-English texts. Chœur et orchestre Marguerite Louise, Versailles; Gaétan Jarry.


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