MALCOLM ARNOLD (1921-2006): The Dancing Master, Op. 34.

Catalogue Number: 10W012

Label: Resonus Classics

Reference: RES10269

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Originally intended as an opera for television, a collaboration with film-maker and librettist Joe Mendoza, The Dancing Master was considered too racy for viewers in the 1950s and subsequently rejected for broadcast and largely forgotten. Conductor John Andrews breathes new life into this operatic gem, here receiving its first recording. With its cast of larger-than life Restoration caricatures – the trapped heiress, the scheming maid, the over-protective guardian, and the handsome rake – the 76-minute opera showcases Arnold’s taste for exuberant satire and tender Romanticism in equal measure. Libretto included. Eleanor Dennis (soprano), Catherine Carby (mezzo), Ed Lyon (tenor), Graeme Broadbent (bass-baritone), BBC Concert Orchestra; John Andrews.


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