“Patriotic Piano”

JAMES HEWITT (1770-1827): 9 Variations on “Yankee Doodle”, CHARLES GROBE (1817-1879): Variations on “Dixie”, Op. 125, Variations on “Oh Susanna”, Op. 124, Variations on “Columbia Reigns Over The Ocean”, Op. 100, THOMAS “BLIND TOM” WIGGINS (1849-1908): Battle of Manassas, JOHN KNOWLES PAINE (1839-1906): A Funeral March in Memory of President Lincoln, SAMUEL COLERIDGE-TAYLOR (1875-1912): Deep River, Op. 59/10, STEPHEN FOSTER (1826-1864): Old Folks at Home, LOUIS MOREAU GOTTSCHALK (1829-1869): Union, JOHN PHILIP SOUSA (1854-1932): The Washington Post, Semper Fidelis, The Stars and Stripes Forever, LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (1770-1827): Variations on “God Save the Queen”, WoO 78, KIRSTEN JOHNSON: Patriotic Medley (incl. Battle Hymn of the Republic, America the Beautiful, Anchors Aweigh, The Army Goes Rolling Along, The Marines’ Hymn and Taps.

Catalogue Number: 10T082

Label: Centaur

Reference: CRC 3598

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Does this really need a blurb? Well, you can note the 16 minutes of variations by Grobe, a German-born composer, teacher and pianist who taught in Delaware and New Jersey and is the only name you probably didn’t know... Kirsten Johnson (piano).


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