EURICO CARRAPATOSO (b.1962): Espelho da alma for Piano Quartet, SÉRGIO AZEVEDO (b.1968): In the mists... 1912 for Piano, NUNO CÔRTE-REAL (b.1971): Lembras-te, meu amor, das trades outonais for Piano Quartet, Op. 47, DANIEL DAVIS (b.1990): Viagens for Piano Quartet.

Catalogue Number: 10S083

Label: Odradek

Reference: ODRCD336

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Portuguese music from the generation of composers that rejected the avant garde in favour of a reconnection to tradition, tonality and national identity. Carrapatoso's seven pieces are based on Portuguese folk songs, rendered into the refined textures of the piano quartet with the utmost charm, combining lively dances with enchanting melodies. Instead of folk music, Azevedo borrows from the tradition of concert music, specifically Janáček's 1912 piano suite 'In the Mists'. Azevedo builds a new piece from three short fragments of the Janáček, communing with the older composer in a shared, eloquent vocabulary used to express new ideas, or elaborate on those in the original. Côrte-Real's piece is poetic in inspiration and expression. Tonal, consonant and hypnotically atmospheric, the piece is passionately neo-romantic. Davis was a student of Azevedo; his pieces, inspired by the idea of journeying through different landscapes, owe something to neoclassical Stravinsky and to Shostakovich. Ensemble Darcos.


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