KETIL HVOSLEF (b.1939): Double Concerto for Flute, Guitar and String Orchestra, 6 Pieces for 6 Strings, Guitar Quintet, SEONVEH for 3 Guitars.

Catalogue Number: 10R068

Label: Simax

Reference: PSC1338

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The quintet is a big work in five movements. The idiom is very tonal, with Hvoslef's familiar use of repeating gestures - whether ostinato patterns, melodic cells or even a single note like an emphatic drone - very much a part of the work's distinctive style. The guitar is permitted a wide range of expression, from the serenade-like melodic second movement to the lively strumming of the scherzo or the rhythmic dance of the finale; sometimes the strings achieve an almost orchestral soonority, scaled to the soloist; at others they engage in a dialogue between equals, as in the delicate fourth movement, enigmatically lyrical and wistful. The trio makes much use of lively, driving rhythms, always in the context of a witty, rapid interchange of ideas between the three instruments. The attractive little concerto tells the 'story' of a romance between the two solo instruments, which are featured in a series of intimate encounters and duets, while the orchestra sets up a series of dramatic or romantic scenarios. As usual, the music acquires considerable rhythmic momentum on its way to the final tender duet, the orchestra keeping discreetly out of the way before joining in for a lively final celebration. The six pieces are little studies in different technical and expressive possibilities of the guitar as they relate to conventional, not extended, repertoire. Gro Sandvik (flute), Stein-Erik Olsen (solo guitar) Egil Haugland, Njål Vindenes (guitars), Norwegian Chamber Orchestra; Christian Eggen.


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