EDGAR TINEL (1854-1912): Sonata in G Minor, Op. 15, JULIUS ROENTGEN (1855-1932): Suite in E Flat Minor, Op. 76, NORBERT ROSSEAU (1907-1975): H2O, Op. 22.

Catalogue Number: 10R038

Label: Phaedra

Reference: 92087

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The main discovery here is Tinel’s 33-minute, four-movement sonata from 1876, a full-fledged romantic effusion which began life as a string quartet but which he converted into this when he found the quartet becoming too symphonic, and this does sound like a four-hands reduction of a symphony. Roentgen’s is from the same year but is perfectly suited to the four-hands genre, a young composer glorying in harmony and structure, with the melodic qualities that distinguish his late works already evident. Rosseau’s oddly-titled 13-minute piece is an attractive portrait, painted with Impressionistic brush, of those three molecules transitioning from steam to water to ice, commissioned in 1938 for the opening the following year of a canal in Liège. Mephisto Piano Duo.


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