IGNAZ MOSCHELES (1794-1870): 11 Preludes from the Well-Tempered Clavier with a second piano concertante, Op. 137b, ROBERT SCHUMANN (1810-1856): 6 Fugues on the Name BACH, Op. 60 (transcr. Duo Accord), CARL REINECKE (1824-1910): Variationen über eine Sarabande von Bach.

Catalogue Number: 10R026

Label: SWR Music

Reference: CD 93.338

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Not to be confused with Moscheles’ Op. 137a, which were cello-and-piano versions of WTC preludes, these use a second piano (and alterations to the originals) to provide a highly Romantic view of Bach’s Preludes. Moscheles said the Fugues were “sacred” and didn’t touch them, so the performers here attach one of Schumann’s pedal piano BACH Fugues after two of the Preludes, which provides a fitting and attractive program. Duo Accord.


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