Anthology of Piano Music by Russian and Soviet Composers - 7

KIRILL VOLKOV (b.1943): Piano Sonata No. 5 (Irina Bogdanova [piano], TATIANA CHUDOVA (b.1944): Piano Sonata (Nikita Mndoyants), TOLIB SHAKHIDI (b.1946): 2 Pieces (Ekaterina Mechetina), YURI VORONTSOV (b.1952): Sirius (Fyodor Amirov), ALEXEI SYOSYEV (b.1972): Antiphases (Yuri Favorin), ALEXEI SERGUNIN (b.1988): Origami (Lukas Geniusas).

Catalogue Number: 10Q074

Label: Melodiya

Reference: MEL CD 10 02256

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Chances are you won't have heard of any of these composers except for Shakhidi, of whose orchestral music we offered a full disc back in July of 2012 (07O084). Only Sysoyev's 2009 piece is on the impenetrable complexicist type with Volkov (2010), using Karelian folk melodies which come through a post-Prokofievian haze like spirits from the past, and Chudova's 1996 powerfully rhythmic and aggressive sonata (slightly reminding one of Ustvolskaya for a few seconds) being the most striking of the rest.


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