EDUARD ABRAMIAN (1923-1986): 24 Preludes

Catalogue Number: 10Q065

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP665

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The second disc in two months of two dozen piano preludes by Armenian composers! Abramian, who produced these pieces over two decades (1952-72) differs significantly from Bagdasarian (08Q063) in the scale of his imagination. The latter was rather a miniaturist while Abramian produces a series of pieces which, not held together by an arbitrary key sequence, comes off as a large-scale journey through Armenian and Russian Romanticism, investing folkloric material with the force of modern concert music (Rachmaninov will come to mind in a couple heaven-storming preludes). If you bought the Bagdasarian and felt slightly let down, you won't here! A must-have for collectors of 20th century romantic pianism. Mikael Ayrapetian (piano).


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