JAN LADISLAV DUSSEK (1760-1812): Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 2 - in C, Op. 9/2, in D, Op. 9/3, in A, Op. 10/1, in E, Op. 10/3, in D, Op. 25/2, in B Flat, Op. 35/1, in G, Op. 35/2, in C Minor, Op. 35/3, in G, Op. 39/1, in B Flat, Op. 39/3, in D, Op. 69/3, in A Flat, Op. 64 "Le retour à Paris" and in E Flat, Op. 75 "Grande Sonata".

Catalogue Number: 10Q035

Label: Heritage

Reference: HTGCD 301

Format: CD

Price: $38.98

Description: This series of one of the Classical period's most important and most prolific composers of piano sonatas and harbinger of early Romanticism continues with 14 more, some of which will be quite rare repertoire. Dussek wrote 35, we're six short. Perhaps the final volume will be a single disc... 3 CDs. María Garzón (piano).


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