PIERRE BOULEZ (b.1925): Pierre Boulez and the Piano - 12 Notations, Sonatas Nos. 1-3, Incises (2001 version), Une page déphéméride, 45 minutes of conversation (in German) between Boulez and Mirjam Wiesemann.

Catalogue Number: 10O074

Label: Cybele

Reference: KiG 004

Format: CD

Price: $37.98

Description: his set presents all Boulez's published works for piano, from the early (1945), brilliantly accomplished and varied twelve-tone Notations through the thorough exploration of the possibilities of serialism (with a healthy acknowledgement of precious formal devices of the past) in the first two sonatas, to the first fruits of the constantly evolving æsthetic of the composer's later works in the Third. Two more recent pieces, the exhilaratingly virtuosic extended version of Incises (2001) in its world première recoring, and Une page déphéméride of 2005, a restless, brief summary of Boulez's piano style, are also included. The remainder of the set is given over to conversations recorded in 2011 with the composer (45 minutes) and the pianist (54 minutes) - in German, with topic headings in English in the booklet but no translation, which would have been a nice touch. 3 CDs for the price of 2. Dimitri Vassilakis (piano). Cybele Künstler im Gespräch SACD hybrid


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