PAUL KLETZKI (1900-1973): Variations for Orchestra, Op. 20, Symphony No. 3 "In Memoriam".

Catalogue Number: 10O009

Label: Musiques Suisses

Reference: MGB CD 6272

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: My heart leapt when it saw the type "Kletzki Symphony", but then it saw "No. 3", which was recorded by BIS and offered here in June 2004 (06F002). As we said then about this 1939 work, "A massive sonata-form first movement, a slow movement with three subjects, a nine-part rondo scherzo and another sonata-form finale are woven throughout with often dense counterpoint and a feeling of tension and tragedy hangs over almost the entire edifice. What does it sound like? A combination of Furtwängler and Hindemith would come close but this Polish conductor/composer had a personal voice and his symphony never sounds anything other than his own." But, here is the 17-minute set of orchestral variations, written in 1929 and premiered in Berlin in January of the next year by Furtwängler, which receive their world premiere recording. The tonality is of the early 20th century but the piece overall stands in the fine Germanic tradition of "Variations for Orchestra" from Brahms through Reger. Bamberg Symphony; Thomas Rösner.


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