HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS (1887-1959): Symphonies No. 6 "On the Outline of the Mountains of Brazil" and No. 7.

Catalogue Number: 10O003

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573043

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: The first release in a new symphony cycle using revised editions of the scores and funded through the São Paolo Symphony, probably the best orchestra in Brazil and led by a famous Brazilian conductor. Like the piano piece New York Skyline, the Sixth (1944) is partially based on the graphic mapping of a set of physical objects, in this case a mountain range near Rio de Janeiro. Regardless of the source of the motifs, Villa-Lobos uses them to produce typically rhythmic fast movements, the finale being particularly dance-like, with a slow movement slightly mournful and impressionistic in quality. The Seventh of 1945 has its share of dissonances and sprinkling of modern effects (nothing much more scary than glissandi, really) and its orchestration is a give-away as to its provenance; at times, it suggests Martinu on steroids in its rhythmically manic delight. São Paolo Symphony Orchestra; Isaac Karabtchevsky.


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