BEAT FURRER (b.1954): Spur for Piano and String Quartet (Hsin-Huei Huang [piano], Stadler Quartet), Xenos for Ensemble (Ensemble Contrechamps; Furrer), MAURICIO SOTELO (b.1961): Audéeis for Voice and String Quartet (Arcángel [flamenco voice], Stadler Quartet), GYÖRGY KURTÁG (b.1926): ...quasi una fantasia..., Op. 27/1 for Piano and Instrument Groups (Nicolas Hodges [piano], Ensemble Contrechamps; Furrer), What is the Word, Op. 30b for Alto, Voices and Ensemble (Piroska Molnár [alto], Vokalensemble Zürich, Ensemble Contrechamps; Furrer), STEVE REICH (b.1936): Different Trains for String Quartet and Pre-recorded Tape (Stadler Quartet), Sextet for Perucssion and Keyboards (Österreichisches Ensemble für Neue Musik), GYÖRGY LIGETI (1923-2006): 3 Stücke for 2 Pianos (Miki and Nora Skuta), Continuum for Harpsichord (Florian Birsak), TOSHIO HOSOKAWA (b.1955): Landscape V for Shô and String Quartet (Quatuor Diotima), Cloud and Light for Shô and Orchestra, JOHN CAGE (1912-1992): TWO3 for Shô and Conches (Mayumi Miyata [shô],Arabella Hirner [conches]), GALINA USTVOLSKAYA (1919-2006): Composition No. 2 "Dies irae" for 8 Double Basses, Wooden Block and Piano (Noriko Shiozaki [piano], Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg; Johannes Kalitzke), KLAUS HUBER (b.1924): Chamber Concerto Intarsi - in memoriam Witold Lutoslawski for Piano and 17 Instrumentalists (Hodges [piano], OENM; Arturo Tamayo), Tempora for Violin and Orchestra (Frank Stadler [violin], Mozarteum Orch. Salzburg; Tamayo), FRANCK CHRISTOPH YEZNIKIAN (b.1969): Harnischstriemen (Faltenachsen) for Cimbalom and Ensemble (Luigi Gaggero [cimbalom], OENM; Arturo Tamayo).

Catalogue Number: 10M106

Label: Neos

Reference: 10947

Format: CD

Price: $79.98

No Longer Available

Description: The Salzburg Biennale is a brand-new contemporary music festival and this set, four slim-line soft-case CDs in a slip-case with a 96-page book (much like the Donaueschingen releases which have come in box-sets), contains all four concerts which took place last March. You'll notice that, unlike the big-brother Donaueschingen festival recordings, Vienna offers more than one work and includes not only older, more established composers like Hosokawa and Kurtág, but also dead ones, allowing hearers to place new compositions amongst important and less-known pieces by their predecessors. 4 CDs.


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