Anthology of Finnish Piano Music, Vol. 2

OSKAR MERIKANTO (1868-1924): Valse à la Chopin, Op. 6/5, Valse lente, Op. 33, EDITH SOHLSTRÖM (1870-1934): Elegia, AXEL VON KOTHEN (1871-1927): Andante con moto, Op. 6/4, Impromptu, Op. 12/1, TOIVO SAARENPÄÄ (1882-1948): Bluebells in a Graveyard, Op. 9/2, TOIVO KUULA (1883-1918): Wedding March, Op. 3/2, Sheep's Polka, HEINO KASKI (1885-1957): 3 Preludes, Op. 48, Prelude in G Sharp, Op. 7/1, ARMAS MAASALO (1885-1960): 3 Pieces, Op. 1, Valsette and Polka from Kaksi Dances, Op. 7, CARL HIRM (1886-1949): Goldfisch, Op. 8, Aquarelle, Op. 60/2, FELIX KROHN (1898-1963): In an Old Park, ILMARI HANNIKAINEN (1892-1955): Discussion, Op. 11/3.

Catalogue Number: 10M052

Label: FC Records

Reference: FCRCD-9713

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: This volume takes us into the early 20th century with short salon-style pieces from a variety of unknown composers (there will be more Merikanto to come although not the short-lived Kuula) which vary from virtuosic works demanding a highly skilled player, to others which would suit the amateur market which, as in every other European country, formed a useful source of income for such publications. Jouni Somero (piano).


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