MISCHA SPOLIANSKY (1898-1985): The Film Music of - Suites from North West Frontier, The Man who Could Work Miracles, The Ghost Goes West and King Solomon's Mines, 3 Songs from Sanders of the River (Mark Coles [bass]), Voice in the Night from Wanted for Murder and Dedication from Idol of Paris for Piano and Orchestra, Galop fromThe Happiest Days of Your Life, Toccatina for Solo Organ from Saint Joan (John Wright [organ]).

Catalogue Number: 10L101

Label: Chandos

Reference: 10543

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A composer of musicals in a Weill-like vein (only brighter), Spoliansky was forced to move to England in 1933 where he became known for his film scores (42 in all). Most were comedies but the earlier version (1937) of King Solomon's Mines and 1935's Sanders of the River (both famous for their songs sung by Paul Robeson [African-American spirituals in Africa?]) are examples of his few adventure scores. A happy surprise in Chandos' film score series. Roderick Elms (piano), BBC Concert Orchestra; Rumon Gamba.


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