DAVE MARIC (b. late 60s?): Predicaments for Percussion and Piano, Lucid Intervals for Flugelhorn/ Trumpet and Percussion, Sense & Innocence for Live and Sampled Percussion, Shapeshifter for 2 Percussionists, Borrowed Time for Percussion and Organ, Trilogy for Live and Sampled Percussion.

Catalogue Number: 10J115

Label: Onyx Classics

Reference: 4024

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Maric has a background in jazz, improvisation, electronic and popular music, and his concert works tend to arise from the sort of performance project collaborations with specific individuals that are more common in these fields. In the present case, the principal collaborator is Colin Currie. Predicaments, for the composer at the piano and Currie on Marimba, is a straightforward duo with a jazzy, improvised feel, but some of the other pieces - Sense & Innocence, for instance, incorporates a pre-recorded part made up of sampled percussion sounds, some of which has a decidedly 'non-classical' beat to it; elsewhere, extended playing techniques are much in evidence, providing unusual timbres both from played percussion and pre-recorded material. Borrowed Time involves an unlikely component -the organ of Westminster Abbey, London. The piece is essentially for marimba solo, with the organ providing a richly sonorous accompaniment in slow chords and pedal notes. Lucid Intervals was written for Hardenberger, and consists of three movements of relatively straightforward chamber music texture, a solo vehicle for the trumpeter, with the polyrhythms common to all Maric's percussion writing here. Colin Currie (percussion), HÃ¥kan Hardenberger (trumpet, flugelhorn), Sam Walton (percussion), Clive Driskill-Smith (organ), Dave Maric (piano).


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