CAMILLE SAINT-SAËNS (1835-1921): La Princesse jaune (Mathias Vidal [tenor], Anaïs Constans, Judith van Wanroij [sopranos]), Mélodies persanes (Philippe Estèphe, Jérôme Boutillier [baritones], Éléonore Pancrazi [mezzo], Constans, Axelle Fanyo [sopranos], Artavazd Sargsyan [tenor]).

Catalogue Number: 09X006

Label: Bru Zane

Reference: BZ 1045

Format: CD

Price: $36.98

Description: Saint-Saëns wrote La Princesse jaune in 1872, exemplifying the current craze for all things Japanese. Kornélis (tenor) dreams only of the Land of the Rising Sun. Under the influence of a hallucinogenic potion, he becomes infatuated with Ming, a fantasy princess. His cousin Léna (soprano Judith van Wanroij) – despairs of this passion and does not dare to confess her own feelings to Kornélis, who eventually comes to his senses. The running time of this opera enables us to offer a coupling in the shape of a previously unrecorded version of Saint-Saëns’s six Mélodies persanes, thus extending the guiding thread of a yearning for exotic horizons in another direction. French-English texts. Orchestre Nationale du Capitole de Toulouse; Leo Hussain.


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