ANN MILLIKAN (b.1963): Millikan Symphony.

Catalogue Number: 09T075

Label: Innova

Reference: 981

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: This is the composer's tribute to her brother Robert (1957 - 2012), a scientist, veterinarian and outdoorsman, rowing enthusiast, and violinist. The symphony is tonal and more-or-less conventionally structured, its four movements depicting these four aspects of his life. The first movement, full of conflict and warlike confrontation, models the struggle, at a molecular level, in the body's response to cancer, Millikan's chosen area of research; we are transported to the midst of the battlefield. The slow movement combines the pastoral and the elegiac in naturescapes and bird sounds, one of which is a quotation from the Mendelssohn violin concerto, symbolizing the interconnectedness of the man's enthusiasms. We hear the thunk of the rowlocks and the rhythmic stroke of the rowing crew's oars in the 'scherzo'. The large finale, the most complex and extensive movement, features a concertante violin part and is structured like a tripartite concerto in an eloquent eulogy for an adventurous and wide-ranging, multifaceted personality. Jennifer Curtis (violin), Boston Modern Orchestra Project; Gil Rose.


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